Trifolia Workbench

Lantana Consulting GroupGitHub, AppVeyor

Trifolia is an open source tool for creating FHIR profiles and CDA templates. Once templates/profiles have been created by a designer in Trifolia, they can be exported in MS Word (DOCX), Web (HTML), Excel (XLSX) and a number of different XML formats. Trifolia exposes FHIR DSTU1, DSTU2 and STU3 REST APIs and a native API.


Lantana Consulting Group, GitHub, NPM

An open-source JavaScript (Node.JS) module that provides developers functionality to serialize and deserialize FHIR resources between JSON and XML. Limited resource validation capabilities are included. Supports DSTU1, DSTU2 and STU3 releases of FHIR.


Lantana Consulting Group, GitHub, NPM

Small tool to query rxnorm and snomed REST API’s.

  • Run queries against SNOMED-CT and RXNORM REST APIs
  • Customized RXNORM queries to include brands and classes for each code/concept
  • Commands pre-populated with queries for allergies, medications and body sites



A bootstrap-compatible angular.js tree grid



Node.JS tool to extract all code comments from a directory that has javascript in it