I am a dedicated and articulate software developer who has a broad range of experience that I believe is a great deal of value to an employer. I am a quick-witted thinker and can breakdown a problem with little effort. At the same time I have a unique ability to visualize a complex problem and provide efficient and clear solutions.

I enjoy what I do and thrive to bring a positive attitude to the people I work with while helping to achieve the company’s common goal.


Languages Standards/APIs/Libraries Software
C# Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) Visual Studio (2005-2017)
JavaScript/Node.JS HL7 Version 2 JetBrains Webstorm
Transact SQL Fast Healthcare Interoperable Resources (FHIR) SQL Server 2000/2005/2012
HTML/DHTML XPath/Schematron OxygenXML, Altova XML Spy and MapForce
R Angular.JS, Knockout.JS, Express.JS GIT and SVN
XSLT, XQuery Cross-Enterprise Documentation Sharing (XDS/XCA) Microsoft Exchange and Sharepoint Server
ASP.NET, WinForms, WPF, .NET Web API, .NET Core Atlassian JIRA
Eclipse (Java and PHP)
Azure for Web Applications


Lantana Consulting Group

Sr. Software Architect

At Lantana, Sean began by designing and developing a web service supporting the XCA interface/standard for transmitting documents and metadata between medical systems. He has designed and developed a tool that lets users to scan documents into a medical system. Sean is now the lead engineer and architect for Trifolia Workbench, Camara, and the Validator.

  • MASS HIE Surrogate EHR Environment (SEE): Participated in developing SEE’s narrative generation functionality and collaborated in developing the user interface for coded data entry. Promoted to lead engineer and architect for the project in November 2014.
  • Camara: Lead engineer and architect since 2014
  • Trifolia Workbench: Lead engineer and architect since 2010 (https://trifolia.lantanagroup.com/Help/HTML/)
  • Validator: Lead engineer and architect since 2015
  • Health Artifact and Image Management Solution (HAIMS): Designed and developed tool to scan documents into HAIMS. Designed and developed interface for transporting CDA documents using the IHE XCA standard
  • Consolidated CDA (C-CDA): Co-author of Unstructured Documents document type. Schematron engineer. Provided assistance with template design patterns in Trifolia Workbench
  • Healthcare Associated Infection (HAI) Reporting: Schematron engineer. Assisted with template design patterns in Trifolia Workbench
  • UC Davis Terminology Submission: Architected and developed a web-based tool to capture site-specific terminology spreadsheets using a web-based application that integrated with JIRA to provide workflow support to internal terminology specialists


Co-Chair of Structured Documents Working Group

  • Participate in weekly meetings
  • Assist in maintaining information on WIKI
  • Assist in organizing the weekly meeting’s agenda
  • Regularly provide input/feedback on topics within the group

TopCoder, Inc. (Glastonbury, CT)

Platform Manager

  • Traveled to company HQ approx 25% of the time (on average, one week a month). Work from home remaining 75%.
  • Manage my time in multiple time-zones as to meet the needs of my company and clients.
  • Manage expenses such as travel and office supplies without any discrepencies.
  • Started as a “Component Architect”, promoted to “Software Architect” then to “Platform Manager”.
  • As a component architect I created component specifications and launched & managed component competitions.
  • As a software architect, performed all the duties of a component architect, but on a larger scale for the company projects. I helped make key decisions in the direction of the architecture of one of the largest projects in the company.
  • Directed members from all over the world to design and develop components and assemble final application(s).
  • As a platform manager, I perform all the duties of a software architect, but also includes the duties of a project manager.
  • Manage a range of competitions which include:
    • Requirements Gathering
    • Architecture
    • Component Production (Design and Develop)
    • Assembly
  • Coordinate company resources to get projects done.
  • Company listed in INC 500 two years in a row.

Rehn & Associates, Inc. (Spokane, WA)

Lead Software Developer

  • Started as contract developer to work on a startup in-house project for claims processing/administration.
  • Created project using C# .Net WinForms and Sql Server 2000.
  • Wrote 300,000 lines of code between 2 developers within 6 months.
  • Developed scanner and printer interface libraries using Twain drivers and GDI+.
  • Proposed and evaluated the use of several development tools which have helped speed the development of the project drastically.
  • Deployed project in the beginning of 2006 and has now processed over 1,000,000 claims.
  • Promoted to “Lead Software Developer” and head of the project’s second version development while at the same time, supporting the use of the first version.
  • Placed in charge of directing two other software developers during the development of version two.
  • Lead the development of a document scan inventory project which scans every document in the office and stores for historical purposes.
  • Studied and utilized CSLA; A widely popular enterprise application framework library.
  • Lead the development of a project which transfers claim information via Electronic Document Interface (EDI) standards utilizing:
    • File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
    • PGP Encryption
    • XML/XSL Transformation

Maplewood Software, Inc. (Spokane, WA)

Software Developer

  • Large contributor to the development and maintenance of the company’s very successful software ScheduleRx.
  • Studied object oriented software development patterns and practices as a part of company training.
  • Developed, maintained and helped manage a number of other outsourced projects.
  • Simultaneously worked for Don Adair – owner of a web design company – developing and maintaining web sites for his clients.

Scintillate Services, Inc. (Coeur d’ Alene, ID)


  • Managed two sales representatives.
  • Trained for management by Business Consultant(s).
  • Administrator of six Windows/Linux servers running off a partially dedicated T1.
  • Hosted, maintained and designed thirty-two websites simultaneously.


  • HL7 – 2011-Present


North Idaho College (Coeur d’ Alene, ID) – 2000-2002

  • Computer Sciences
  • General Education
Certified CDA Specialist

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